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A Bounty of Bone by PG Lengsfelder

A Bounty of Bone by PG Lengsfelder

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Book Two of The Eunis Trilogy

A haunting tale, inspired by real events, driven by timeless legends . . .

After years of abuse for her albinism and macabre face, Eunis believes she's finally turned her life around and shed the superstitious beliefs that tormented her as a child. Now on the precipice of a successful television career, she's offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel as part of a global TV crew investigating the surreal weather in South Africa's isolated Land of the Silver Mist.

There's just one problem: Eunis and her adopted New York family are abruptly informed of the abduction of their young niece, Kyra, who's been taken for her albino body parts in remote Tanzania. The family pleads with Eunis to find her, their last and only hope of finding Kyra alive.

Eunis tries to temper the family's expectations. But when she's separated from her TV crew, she journeys thousands of miles and finds herself alone in the shadow of Tanzania's untamed Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a massive 2.5-million-year-old volcanic cauldron, inhabited by the world's highest density of wild dogs, lions, and hyena.

Closing in on the truth, can Eunis survive the chilling local superstitions and nightmarish forces hunting for body parts that look like her own?

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